Theological education is education that one receives in the discipline of theology. The study of theology has as its objective an understanding of the Christian faith. It is a study that aims to provide an appropriate understanding, interpretation, and application of the Christian faith as it applies to our modern world. It is our Christian faith that lies at the heart of our theological education.

If you are interested in either informal or formal theological education, there are numerous options available. Here at Bethel, we will be running bible study classes as well as classes relating to other areas of theology. Keep an eye out in the bulletin for upcoming study groups at the church. If you are interested in formal theological education, see the links below:


There are, of course, many other institutions offering formal theological education, but the list above is a good place to start. You can check out their websites directly or come in for a chat and we can talk about where you see yourself studying. I look forward to supporting you in whatever theological educational endeavours you wish to pursue.

Reverend David Coull

As we move into the season of Lent, please use the link below to open the 40 Day Journey, a forty day journal to bring you to Easter.

Lent 2024: Presbyterians Read: A 40-Day Journey
This Lent, The Presbyterian Church in Canada invites you to reflect on the work of the 14th Century Christian mystic Julian of Norwich’s ideas. Using Lisa E. Dunhill’s 40-Day Journey with Julian of Norwich
,readers will be guided through different sections such as “Biblical Wisdom,” “Questions to Ponder,” “Psalm Fragments,” “Journal Reflections” exercises, and prayers to encounter Jesus “within a profoundly Trinitarian spirituality and a deep relational openness to all people, indeed, to all the cosmos.” Dunhill describes Julian of Norwich’s work as one that “will draw you deep into the mystery of God’s unending love for you.”

Lent 2024: Presbyterians Read: A 40-Day Journey

Dean of St Andrew’s Hall, which is part of Vancouver School of Theology, the Rev Dr Ross A Lockhart, has a Lenten Worship Guide to lead us through each day of Lent.  Please follow this link to take you to the document: SAH Lenten Devotion Guide 2024